Did Wayne just reference a Snuggie?

Yep.  I don't quite understand why that girl is on the track, but whatever.

Have you peeped that Lupe cassette?  What's wrong with you, fool!
I wish he woulda said cassette, instead of one-track mess or whatever.
Read the first comment on this post and tell me if I'm going insane or it don't make shitsense.
"If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures then I feel bad for him." -Rihanna
     Damn bitch!  I will never look at you the same.  |:  Shit me if I do that shit.  She need to be slapped.

How was your dia de accion de gracias, niggas?  Good, mine too.  Now I'm just dying from basketball try-outs.  Wish me luck.


Aww, isn't this cute!



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