Ooh, them buffalo girls

I love how you said you loved me unconditionally. I love how you flipped when i questioned how you felt. I love how you used to pick me up when we kissed. I love how that one time you made me get a soaking wet spot on my undies just by touching and kissing my body. I love how you were so excited for me to meet your family. I love how you got soo excited when i first said i might want to get married and have kids, after i'd said i never would. I love how you always knew what to say. I love how we went through all things together. I love how you would tell me you loved me as your final words of any conversation. I love how you talked about me. I love the motivation you gave me. I love that we were best friends. I love how you sexed me. I love how you gave it to me. I love how you would suck me hard and then make me chase you. I love how you wouldn't acknowledge other girls. I love how i trusted you. I love how you cared. I love your confidence in us. I love how you took control, and when i came, you would kiss me so soft. I love how you wanted to take me everywhere. I love how protective you were. I love how you gave me slow hard strokes. I love how your voice at night made my clit throb. I love how you miss me. I love how you wouldnt let me take pain alone. I love how you were doing big things. I love how you listened to me. I love how you talked about our future. I love how you gave me satisfaction. I love how we became a part of each other. I love how we sexed like that. I love how when i said "I'm fine." you would say "I asked how you doin, not how look." I love how it felt in your arms. I loved being with you. I loved how you smelled. I loved feeling you. i love how you would call me Mrs. Bryant when i called you Mr. Bryant...along with everything else you called me.

...I don't wanna be with him, i just miss closeness...i think.



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