My Beyonce Stans

You know when it comes to Beyonce as a performer and BUSINESS woman, I join the kids. Oh yes. She gets down and handles her shit and I admire it. Check my old blogs bitch because you know. (:
Lol..he says Carrie. Umm...I won't even say I like Keri Hilson. I don't. The album WAS hot, but really I just don't like her. HER ass need to sit down, wanna talk on Beyonce. Bitch bye.  & On real shit, if you had B's voice on some Keri shit, Beyonce would destroy it, smash that shit into smithereens and send each one to Jupiter with a fierce cheetah kiss. Never would be the same, and never to be fucked with...end of story.

Now let's get deep in a hoe's gut. I'm done spending my time on people. It gets nowhere. I had this mentality the beginning of last year, and my grades were spectacular thank you. Thats all I focused on. So I'm glad I'm stating this shit early in my junior year. People have taken advantage of me to the fullest. Save two of them niggas. TWO. That's some I'm done.

Ahem, ahem

*I don't wanna make this long. If we close, and we are real friends (like on some real shit, get deep in a hoe with me now) I'll be accessible 24/7...basically, ain't shit changin. But if I feel you are not a good friend to me, bitch I'll throw you on my to do list. Just like you been doing to me, and being half-assed. It was fun fucking with you and your nonsense for the summer, but it's time to get on my shit.  No honey. I see you, now watch me fuck you in the ass with no Vaseline.



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