Bitch, where's yo class?

Every second of this was the wall.
I itch BAD every time he says baby. If you were the chick Trey decided to settle down with, would you want him callin you baby? After he don' called every other hoe (st)fan that? Uh-uh.
& She just gon' out and say she would suck on his dick all want them left overs boo boo? That every other hoe (st)fan don' slobbed on n shit? UH-UH.
Lmfao at how that chick tried to slide "I even named my son after you"...yadda yadda yadda in the conversation all quick like it was nothin! Did you catch that? N then they was like whoa whoa whoa. Lmao
& She sound like she was wetter than a muhhfucka after he said he confident. Oh LAWD!
Why he turn some sexy on in his voice? I bet yo ass dick clit that he don't sound like that when he talkin to his mama. Pfffft
Anyways I love that he communicates with his fans though. I wish I could talk to or directly stalk AHEMAHEM Lupe on the regular.
I think he was super tired, maybe almost high.
Shouts to Anticipation though Trey! Even though I don't really like how you be puttin mixtape tracks on the album. Grrrr- (:



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