"You need another you need a hole in yo head."

That's from Prince thank you very much.
I'm doing this via my phone so if it fails, i'll be damn pissed. Which also means it won't be pretty. Bleeeeh i'm starting to care about blog maintenance clearly because this is interrupting my nighttime music sexing. I was listening to Paper Trail. But anyways, i had some random mashed up thoughts about the song So Fresh, So Clean.
1. I remember the part of the video where Sleepy Brown (it definitely wasn't Sleepy Brown.  fuck me.) gets out the bed and it just screams COCKINESS ON DECK. Haha. I'll embed it when i get on a puter.
2. It's in my library of ringtones simply because i lover the lines "Don't you think i'm so sexy?" and "I love when you stare at me." Lmao the shit is grand & fucklarious.
3. Everyone should say "Waking up out of my slumber." Honestly lol it should be law [:
4. Was T-Pain out when this came out? NO! Sooooo i wonder how Big Boi responds every time he hears "Teddy Pinned Her Ass Down" say that. But's his name. Maybe that's why it's not the hoopla.
5. Big Boi and Dre both are so different now from who they were on the cover of that album.
6. According to the song, being so fresh, so clean will get you fully reliable booty calls. AHEM!
7. "I love who you are, I love who ya ain't"
8. "The boy next door's a freak ha ha" ...DUH. He could seriously get it.
9. Hmmm..can they be the coolest mothafuckas while Lu is simultaneously the coolest nigga? We have a pickle! Lupe wins.
10. "The sky is fallin, ain't no need to panic." fucking grand
11. You can create anything in your attic.
Oh i'm on vacation. Floriderrr baby! Maybe pictures when i return. I have shit to post about like megamega but i need the comfortability of my laptop n shizz to go in like normal..or else it'll be poopy.



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