sunscreen makes my booty itch

Last Sunday to the Saturday which we have just passed, I was in Florida.  My mama decided to drive there, beginning on Saturday the 22nd.
Needless to say, we covered a lot of roads
& We saw a rainbow on the way.
We passed a shitload of Waffle Houses
and on our way back, we stopped in one...where I took a picture in the bathroom.
We stayed in a big pretty hotel
where our room was in a building right off a lake-surrounding bridge.
The bridge took you right to the grand pool & hot tub
which my sister insisted on frequenting every day.  See above.  But i made more friends
in the lake.  (Does that look like a huge neon blue peenie or is it just the sex on my brain?)
Of course my sister dragged me everywhere she went
being that I am her mother.  (She's actually a lot prettier than that ugly face.)
We also went shopping, where I frequented the Miss Sixty dressing room
--that's actually my dress--and the 2nd day we went, I bought some fucktastic silvergray jeans
--don't say shit about my shirt--for $49.  (Coupons woot!)
My bed was kinda annoying
because it was so fluffy, and I don't even sleep with pillows...just Scooby and others.  (That leg belongs to my zebra, Valentine.)
I was all smiles while there
but it was a bit too much work catering to my family to be a vacation.
The drive back was an irritating realization, so I watched He's Just Not That Into You & read...instead of catering.  I didn't see anything too exciting besides a motorcycle parade.
And when I got back, I unpacked & got comfy
and did my hair the next morting
to prepare it for pulling.



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