this is some shit.

*edit-i'm cleaning my room and crap today, and it makes me excited to get my new tech wooot! [:
But really? "He might lose his job"...he needs to lose citizenship. I would understand more if it were for food, even though I wouldn't agree at all.
aaaaalso, I be forgetting how much fun video chatting is. but especially at night, when nobody but some lame ass tweeters are up lol. ustream woot!
you know how when you turn the stove on and it goes clickclickclick until it ignites? idk if that's the right word but anyways the stove wouldn't turn on and I was all what the faggot-ing n stuff...and then I turned it completely off and tried again and that shit said KABOOSH in my fucking face like the thing was huge I was hella scared man I thought that shit was gonna catch on my sleeve lol.
my mama is all making me eat lately because she don't "see me eating enough" which is partly because my body's schedule is way off and partly because I be chomping on hella candy in the mean time.
and most importantly, sytycd today! lol [:



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