"she love it when it's deep so it's all in the gut" -Young Sam

I have two shits to post later. When is later? No clue. But quickly:

I found him hilarious. His raps don't go hard enough for me though. He's talking about The Game's pussy ass "Fuck Jay-Z; you old ass nigga" rant which makes me gag. I used to ride for The Game hard body. He's still tight le duh but man I look at him with less respect now.
& I just seen this ridonkulous freestyle with Fashawn, Sha Stimuli, and Torae and Torae never got me like he just did, I never found him significant enough. But I'll look on his shit now (: I felt Stimuli too, and Fashawn didn't get me like they did.
Found both on
Oh, and 50 said his album is perfect. Man I can't wait to see how this nigga defines perfect!!



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