…I always forget if it’s maid in honor or maid of honor.

Neither of them makes any damn sense. Curse you, Englishmen!

I keep using this font lol. I definitely was one of the people that subconsciously expected Michael Jackson to be here forever.

SO IT'S THUNDERING AND LIGHTNING AND I'M IN MY CLOSET AND IT'S CREEPING ME OUT TIMES INFINITY. I'm not really scared…I am a little, but it's more just what the frack. And I just saw the most spectacular (lol wording) lightning evar. It looked like a camera flash and I've never seen lightning dead-on like that. Hmm, if I go take out the trash now, will I get shocked? Lmao I'll let you know if I do. That was very Alicia of me to say. WOULDN'T IT BE LIKE SO MUCH FUN to go sit in the grass and watch while it thundered and everything? It's not raining, so I would have no hair issues to worry about. (=

I want to change my blog like completely and make it really cute. Before, I just had a whole bunch of corrupt things I wanted to discuss since I tend to be incapable of getting my POV heard (whether it's because of my skin, my body, my hair, my VOICE, my clothes & accessories, my family, or my attentive & observant ways, people tend to not take me seriously), but now, I feel a lot more laid back and less anxious when I post things. I have a title in mind that I wanna have now too.

So I haven't said anything since before Michael Jackson died. I had plenty to say, but I couldn't put my thoughts into words as usual. And then, how some of his fans were reacting and not even keeping his attitude and persona in mind was getting me really heated and at times I was disappointed at the world, even the people who adore him, for doing some ugly things. But now that I'm becoming bigger than all that crap, I just wanted to say that mj was a beautiful person, his music is inspiring, fun, and irreplaceable, and I will always adore him…ever since I was 8 years old. I'm not really gonna get specific about the ugly things that were shocking and confusing me in honor of mj's advice to never judge people on what you hear about them…so I'm not gonna support or spread people doing the exact opposite. But I'm happy that his belief will go on in me specifically because ever since I started coming of age, the whole idea of judging someone based on their appearance, rumors, or background became just disgusting and wrong to me. But I can see why it really annoyed him and broke him down at times because these days, people are so corrupt that they are hearing alleged things and attacking other celebrities based on said rumors while they are "trying to defend Michael" or "continuing his legacy." That really just pisses me off and stuns me because they're committing things he stood against and claiming that in doing this, they're "keeping him alive." No honey, no. And he was also very modest, forgiving, and appreciative/grateful for whatever was done to honor him…and these "biggest fans" people should just keep that in mind. But again, I'm not gonna get specific and point fingers; I'm no one to judge or put people I don't know in their place. These are just the things that were annoying me and were on my mind since Thursday.

So June 25th, besides being the day that sparked (I typed spiked at first dang it) this hoopla, was also the 25th anniversary of Prince's Purple Rain! <3333333 I duper love Prince like mega mega mucho. So yeah, that deserved to be in here. (= And many other things.

I really don't feel comfortable with the phrase "Rest in peace." because although after so many years in this corrupt world, one might soley want eternal peace, I think doing things that please you after death would be much better. But that's for me personally. And you could argue that doing something you enjoy eternally without disappointment is impossible, but this is death we're talking about. Who knows if what happens after you die is realistic or amazingly crazy and unthinkable? Yeah, you don't. [;

I don't feel that your dedication or love for a person or thing should be determined by how many times you tweet about it or him or her.

Or mention, blog about, or whatever you tech kids do. Maybe it's an introvert thing. Or maybe you guys are just dumb.

I hate it when I sound like this in writing. But at the moment, I can't write in any other comprehensible way getting my point across. You'll live. (= But this is how I write when I get effing B minuses on history papers.

Okay now it's raining. Hard. This is probably the most fun area to come to when it's raining of my house. It's like I'm in a bubble sitting in the rain. :D GO INTROVERTS WOOOO!



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