Good Times (I Get High) by Styles P

So like a month ago this song came on Pandora and I started listening to it on some other shit. Before the instant thought of the druggies, I thought about how people can give what he was talking about. Particularly boys who try to swoon you like it's nobody's business, and sex. Basically, every line of this song except "I am the ghost" & when he advertises himself—nigga was just straight high—can be applied to a dude swooning you, and that's all I could think of.

I mean, if you're new to it and everything, it really does get you high. You don't feel SHIT, you don't be paying attention to shit you normally do, and then you can't live without the high the person or the dick is giving you. I've gotten into two dudes who basically just spit game 100% of the time, but I only fucked one of them. It wasn't fucking, it was injecting more heroin so if what you have runs out, you got more.

But with some of the lines it's just metaphoric.

With the one dude, when we started talking talkin, I really didn't need a significant other. But then when I got him, I needed him and everything he was saying. And later, I needed the dick because it just intensified his effect. But do I get high on his memory? It wears off as time goes by.

"If I'm sober dogg, I just might flip, grab my guns and hold somethin up…"

If I was sober from him and I had to deal with them backstabbing bitchass hateful bitches & my mother hating me? I woulda died.

"I'm in the zone all alone, muthafucka 'case I'm dyin tonight. So I roll em up back to back, fat as I could"

It was me and him against everybody killing me. That's how I felt with everything I heard, it was killing me. I took as much as I could; without it I'd die.

It's hard to understand it if you never had it.



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