for sale

So don’t get your panties in a knot. I will be saying something about the mj memorial, if I’m still as passionate about it whenever I can analyze all my thoughts on it. But anyways.

But I wanted to saaaay that I cannot wait to get the HP mini laptop. I'm gonna sell this one because since the day I got it, I didn't like how big it is. And I touched the mini thing yesterday while at Costco & I just like fell in love. It can fit like anywhere without being a drag. & It has a webcam! That's what basically sold me ... i was like oh thats cool but mine has the webcam. But yeah, I'ma sell this thing. It's been great to meh though. Big bucks woo! I'll make like at least $380 with all the transactions.

Tell me why this negro won't pick up his phone. Urgh.

I also touched an LG Xenon at Costco (where they are selling it for 10 buckos!). I'm sooo excited to get it because it has all the apps that I want aaand it's preeeetty. (= Blue of course. It also has a flash on the cam yaay! & It locks the touch screen when you call on it so no more accidental going on mute. My current phone has a lot of glitches /= which is why there's a new version of it. It isn't as attractive but I still love it..the newer one is prettier and more comfortable too. It was like my first fancy phone [=. But now I'm leaving Sprint /=..that's the only thing that is kinda gloomy for me with this new mobile business. But ahh well.



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