"cre-cream on the inside, clean on the outside" -Dorrough

i'd appreciate some peen from kid cudi. he can get it. [: he's getting so much coverage now. he was just on hot 97! i wish i fucking knew BEFORE it happened! i wish he blogged. but for now, common will satisfy & more.

*edit-he does blog. just not as hard as common. here it is.
OMFG, HE SAID HE FEELS GRAND!!!! WHAT THE FOSTER CARE! I SAY THAT SHIT ALLL THE TIME! ahhh! i can't love my him any more. & then he fucking said OG. *faints*
lol at what they said about sisqo...that thong th-thong thong thong... "This is really your Sisqo-thong song isn't it?" "Yeah, except I'll be here forever." (= Please do!
he doesn't really seem into the groupie thing quite yet. i love when he starts dancing. [=
for my birthday, i wanna go with him to the studio.
this is from one of my favorite sites,



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