Jada Pinkett Smith still works?

I got my braces off today it's pretty shnazztastic I think I look older but not by much lol before my face looked 14ish now i look 16ish [= which I will be in 5? months...

Anywho i have been infested with sims since school let out which was friday woot yippekiyay i also have been sleeping these days it throws me off because i'm not used to so much sleep..or time...but i am getting a lot of what i want to get done. i started reading the bible today...i wanna finish it this summer alongg with the karam (i can't spell) and the book thing of judaism no disrespect (=
Soo tyler perry's show tyler perry's meet the browns has pretty bad acting it's almost hard to watch.
I've been enjoying myself though overall this summer.
My mouth feels all smooth and stuff without the metal & when i left the ortho, the doctor gave me 2 balloons, and a water bottle with the business's name on it that was filled with chewy, crunchy, and sticky candies. =D



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