I watched this last night

on HBO it was great the first half was all about atheism and how stupid Christians are and stuff I really like him lol the rest was just other funny jazz and his australian-ness entertains me too

okay so yesterday i heard the most disturbing lyrics ever by david banner...i really just dont like him as a person because he recognizes things that are wrong in the black community and he speaks on it but then it's as if he is 2 faced majormajormajor because some of his lyrics are reaaally demeaning.  as much as he speaks on the wrong shit, you would think he raps about stuff that say common or mos def do but then he talks about fucking and fucking and fucking which i have no problem with but does he have to say things like "Do you like it when I grab your neck? And squeeze it til your face turns blue; could you please come and sign this waiver? If you pass out girl, you can't sue." that is sooo disrespectful to me personally i dont know much about the respect that professional groupies demand but still you really should not be talking to any woman like that, unless idk im not gonna bring my head there lol. Maybe I shouldn’t criticize him because his work and his play are 2 different things but really I just don’t understand how he can be 2 completely different people. And I don’t like that he is. That just really disturbed me as many of his song lyrics do.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

wow i coulda sworn david banner was on a gospel song with MaryMary...and then he totally flipped the script and said that? wow.

Miss Fiasco said...

Yeah Superfriend that stuff that he said on there once again just contradicting the message in his raps. its so annoying like in Superfriend he says "In the church, Lord, I'm looked at as Satan 'cause in my music I curse. But I'm trying to do better and that's the thing that really hurts." I dont think the cursing is that big of a problem but when you telling girls to drop their panties on a song i can see that being considered as a sin & he does not seem to be trying to do better, that's not the impression i get..he just has 2 different personalities...and one doesn't support the other lol and he has 2 different voices to go along with them


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