Apologies for Neglecting You

Okay so firstlyyy I apologize for not posting on this shit when I had it for like a year I know you guys missed me comparably like The Caged Bird by Maya Angelou read that shit yo!.  =/ Lately I have so much shit in my head and no one to tell it to so my brain's been yellin at me for being so frequent with the thoughts.  So I'm getting them out.  This site was like way too complex & too many options for my fucking head to comprehend.  My right hand bitch Alicia thinks that is completely hilarious & always fucks with it how I can’t understand things that are even slightly complex hahaha well I can sometimes, it just takes a minute to understand or whatever.  I get better grades than her in school but that is purely because she does as little homework as possible to pass, and I help her pretty much with 100% of the hw she does.  So hey I go by lots of crazy names but most my friends call me Tally these days, we’ll see in a few months they will probably be onto something different.  (=  Sooo I’m 15, I’m really diverse as far as my thoughts and interests & I’m open-minded & I’m a sophomoreee.  I’m 100% black.  I know you never find nobody like that these days everybody’s like heyyy I’m Dominican & Puerto Rican & blahh but yes only American blood runs through my veins, my biological family’s American for hmmm…5 generations as far as we (I) know.  Then we from Africa probably.  But thennnnn my step-pa also known as Daddy Warbucks hahaha I do love him but yes he brings in the cash to my household well he was born in Costa Rica, which is primarily the reason I can communicate fluently in Spanish yayy.  I just signed off AIM gosh will this nigga hit me up already!  Sorry but um yeah I’m pretty darn boy crazy, but I take care of shit I need to primarily.  Which right now is only school stuff really.  Basketball just ended, I played Junior Varsity, hopefully my last year with them sucky niggas lol.  Jk I love them bitches they my chicks.  My hairs so fucking smoooooth woot got it done Saturday it feel like a white girl’s AND it rained today.  But still I can’t wait to get my sexy fro, whenever I get around to that.  =P  Sexy is sexy though, I wanna try lots of shit with my hair with as little chemicals as possible yayy.  So I just made this playlist I started it last night and perfected it when I came home from escuela so yo listen to the shit it will give you a taste of how diverse I beee bc I’m that open-minded & passionate about different shit in every aspect of my life (: & it’s mostly faster-paced songs though I do got love for the slow jams, you know that but um that was the mood at the time…I listen to absolutely everything.  Except…no I’m kidding I absolutely cringe when people say that and a lot of people around me do.  They like “I love all kinds of music except country & rock & metal” or whatever.  But I love everything, no exceptions.  That’s just how it is.  So listen to the playlist baby!  

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